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A new way of training lift truck operators

Thousands of students can verify how the new way of online storytelling leaves them with a better understanding of the risks and rules involved when operating lift trucks. Time is simply spent more efficiently when the theory training is conducted through elearning.

CANDIDATES learn by following a story in eTruck that tackles real issues relating to safety.

INSTRUCTORS spend less time in the classroom and more time delivering hans-on practical training because of eTruck.

EMPLOYERS see the benefits of reduced downtime and training costs, as well as operators who are better prepared for the workplace, thanks to eTruck.

A lift truck training course unlike any other

The secret behind eTruck’s success lies in its way of getting students involved. This is done by telling a story of a lift truck accident, and innocent chain of events leading up to it. Students begin to “solve the puzzle” of when, why and where the accident will occur. Thus, inadvertently learning the insights of risks of lift truck operation, and how to avoid damage to equipment and goods. Together it forms a course unlike any other, with results incomparable.

Storytelling at its best provides knowledge that sticks.

The course follows a team of employees over one working day. The only thing the students know to start with, is that the accident will occur before the day is over – however, they have no clue who will be involved, or when the accident will happen. Without realizing, the student’s drill themselves in detecting (and subsequently avoiding) risk they will encounter during their own future work situations.

The educational approach

Our objective is to provide the students with real, sustainable understanding of lift truck safety and economy. From using the method of storytelling, it grabs the attention of our students and holds it throughout the whole course. The events of the story are used to explain the facts and reasons behind what happens. These facts are presented in small chunks. Reviewing the questions shows the student and teacher how well the student has understood what has been taught. Since speakers read all texts, every subject is easy to grasp for everybody, including students with reading difficulties.

Platform-independent freedom. Train whenever and wherever.

eTruck works well whether on a computer or a tablet. The new generation of lift truck operators is already used to studying on their own terms, and wants to be able to do their coursework when and where it suits them. Regardless of platform. They are completely ready for eTruck.

Experiences and results of eTruck

MA-system has been involved in lift truck training since 1976, making us experts in this field. In 2001 we launched our first version of eTruck in the Swedish market. Approximately 90,000 students have passed the course and 2016 a fully updated version was introduced. 30,000 students have so far used the current version and out of these more than 90% have reached the level to pass the required exam*. Our surveys show that the students get gripped on the story, following every detail in suspense of how and when the accident will happen. Very few lift truck courses, if any, can show this level of engagement from its students.

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