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Educational material

Complete course materials for operators and instructors – forklift trucks, lifts, cranes, fall protection and liability

Educational material MA-system

Our course materials always follow the guidelines adopted by the labour market. This guarantees that the course maintains high quality, where safe use is the key factor. All materials are produced by our own publishing company.

Thorough books

Our books cover what operators really need to know, and explain it in a clear and concise manner. The language is kept simple and straight to the point. Each chapter of the various books uses the same straightforward, simple language and is full of pictures. Summarising quick facts provide a clear overview of the topic. Exercises for each chapter make it easy for the instructor to check a student's level of knowledge.

Complete supervisor's binder

Our training packages each come with a supervisor's binder full of useful tips on how to set up the lessons, practical exercises, etc. It also contains the final test, teaching tips, facts about safety regulations, and USB sticks with pictures for more in-depth discussion.

Common structure

The training materials follow the same educational structure – a structure which runs through all of MA-system's courses. This makes it easy for someone who is already an instructor to quickly become acquainted with the materials and start teaching their own courses.