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RTITB Transforms Lift Truck Training with eTruck UK


RTITB is changing lift truck training forever with its new eTruck UK - a completely unique digital storytelling tool that will increase training effectiveness while reducing training time by as much as 2 days per course.

eTruck is an award-winning digital storytelling system, developed by MA-Systems in Sweden, which provides a new way to cover the theory content for materials handling equipment operator training. For operators in the UK, Ireland, India, and the Arabian Peninsula the innovative eTruck system is available only from RTITB.

With eTruck UK, candidates will learn by following a story that tackles real issues relating to safety. The digital storytelling platform allows more complex themes – such as driver behaviour – to be communicated more effectively than in a classroom lecture. This training method is believed to help learners to better retain information.

eTruck UK is a totally online system, enabling candidates to complete the theory training on a computer or tablet, in the workplace or at home, before attending practical training and taking their final assessments. For a novice, this can reduce the time taken to complete counterbalance lift truck operator training from 5 days to 3 days.

eTruck UK can be used from 2nd January 2020

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