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ePort manages all course administration.

Keeping track of everything when planning courses has never been easier. In ePort, you can make schedules, book locations, send order conformations, grade students, print certificates – and then have absolute control over all qualifications with the register. In short, you always have an accurate overview of all aspects of your courses.

ePort MA-system

ePort gives full control of qualifications and certificates.

It's not easy to maintain control of all training certificates and operating licences related to forklift trucks, cranes and lifts. At the same time, you are well aware that there are regulatory requirements – with associated penalties or fines – related to being able to show proof of proper training and valid operating licences. With ePort, you meet the requirements.

Always available and reliable backup

ePort is a cloud-based service. This means that everyone with a login can access current information at the same time, planning can be done jointly, and all data is saved comprehensively and is made available to everyone. Updates are performed in real time, reliable backup of all data is guaranteed, and support is always available online.

ePort MA-system

ePort is easy to use!

A good system should be easy to use. That's why the user interface is clear and logical. It takes just a few minutes to learn the basics of ePort – and a just a few hours to intuitively* master the whole system.

*On the off chance it's needed, support is available from MA-system as well.

ePort MA-systemA proper training certificate raises the standard!

ePort comes with the ability to print training certificates on proper plastic cards. This elevates the status of trained operators. At the same time, it simplifies for the future – experience has shown that plastic certificates lead to less of a need to replace cards that have been lost or become worn out.

The forklift truck instructor has full control over the right knowledge.

As an instructor, you can follow the students' results online – quickly and comprehensively – whether the student groups are small or large, geographically dispersed, or come to the course with different knowledge levels. You see immediately if and when a student needs help, and you can provide support exactly when it is needed.

Finally, you get time and space to focus on the right things!